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    Today's edc

    Today, this was me: field notes space pen Atwood superbug knipex pliers Glock 43 Benchmade mediator
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    Loving the vedder lighttuck for my glock 43 w/ Streamlight TLR-6

    Carrying at about 4 o'clock, after a few days you forget it's there. What are you using?
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    Hey I'm Rob

    I've been into Glocks since around 2000. I've had some glock-related sites/forums in the past. Sold one (it's still around). I got the itch to start another, so here we are!
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    Have you tried a Buck 110 Auto yet?

    The weight of the 110 makes it an awesome auto knife! It doesn't even want to budge when you deploy it.
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    The g27 I used to have - wasn't a big fan

    Not a giant fan of .40, but the g27 was fun to have around.
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    My g30 - most accurate Glock i've fired

    Here's a pic of my Glock 30. This guy is so fun (but expensive) to shoot! However, feels like i'm carrying a brick compared to my g43 lol Extended slide stop, bumped lock, I believe a pearce +1.
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    My g43 - loving how easy this is to carry!

    This is my USA Glock 43. I got it about a year ago .. it's got the factory 'battleworn flag' style which is kind of unique.. the magguts +2, bumped out slide stop, extended slide lock, streamlight tlr-6.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    I've had a few Glock related sites/forums in the past, but wanted to start from scratch on this new one. I've been a Glock 'fan' since about 2000 - there's something about a Glock.
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